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The pic thing i have is off..

2008-04-16 15:24:43 by Dooomster

i printed screen and copied into paint to crop it ect, then save as JPG

The pic thing i have is off..


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2008-04-16 17:43:43

cool i like it

Dooomster responds:

i know :)


2008-04-16 22:04:25

Haha,its nice.
Yeah I like that smiley creator too

Dooomster responds:

hes cool, and hes always improving it! i might get a better pic soon


2008-04-17 16:29:37

that is really cool to see im so happy that people like it :D

(Updated ) Dooomster responds:

:) your awesome, keep up the work
i will make a fan one for you :)