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2009-02-18 13:00:16 by Dooomster

im not quitting NG, merely using a different account.
this is for various reasons, one being perhaps a new name to go by.

hope thats alright with you guys

Ranting corner:

2008-05-26 09:17:32 by Dooomster

Today im gonna rant about name changing O_O

Although this isnt necesarily a bad thing, you cannot change your name on NG. i can understand the difficulties that may arise, but if the staff read this, get on with it alredy >.<

~Hallowed be thy name, for it is I~
Or is it?

The pic thing i have is off..

2008-04-16 15:24:43 by Dooomster

i printed screen and copied into paint to crop it ect, then save as JPG

The pic thing i have is off..


2008-04-14 11:24:43 by Dooomster

if you have any ideas for games, let me know :)
hey i might want to try it :D (YAY!)

No subject

2008-01-19 09:30:54 by Dooomster

i am good at games.Well, most types